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Sun West Student Visual Art Showcase: Submitted by Aaron Moore, Eli Dingle and Carrie Gooselin
This website showcases a variety of art work created by Sun West Students. Their reflections and insights are also shown. All Art Teachers are welcomed to submit their students work. Contact the creators listed above.
21st Century Competency Artifacts Wiki

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NEW! Music Play Online
NEW! Use Coding to Meet Art Outcomes: Up to Code
NEW! LIVE Arts: Bring Synchronous Art Lessons and speakers Live into your classrooms. Click her to see Calendar of events:
NEW! Drama Toolkit A to Z: Great for all ages
Sun West Pinterest Board - Music in the Classroom - Our Sun West Pinterest board has lots of great online interactive music composition sites!
Drama Warm-Up Activities for ALL Ages:

Professional Learning Opportunity!

LIVE Arts - (Live Interactive Video Education) Arts Education

LIVE Arts is a dynamic arts program for students in Grades 1 to 9. The program supports the Saskatchewan arts education curriculum and is delivered via the E-Learning Satellite Network (SatNet), broadcasting presentations by professional artists into classrooms all across Saskatchewan for a LIVE Arts Education experience. Teachers access the program by connecting to LIVE programming via School Network Access (teacher computer) or Satellite COSHIP Receiver for Television. You can also watch archived programs using Ecast (Internet Streaming).
THIS PROGRAM IS FREE! Teachers sign up on this site, use the registration form to enroll for one or more of the many programs offered throughout the school year. Teachers sign up by following this link.

There are specific programs for each grade and additional multi-grade workshop style programs for grade 3-5 and 6-9. Teachers and students will tune in to a live broadcast on the E-learning network, a special event that bring a professional artist into your classroom. Each program links specifically to outcomes and indicators in the new Saskatchewan Arts Ed Curriculum.
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